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Naming Ceremonies

Welcoming a child into the family is an occasion to be celebrated! New babies bring joy to all around and responsibility to those involved in the child's life as they grow.

A ceremony written and conducted by Stefan can be just what you are looking for.

A Celebrant led service can include elements that are important to you as a family and can involve the nominating of 'Supporting Adults' who will help the child grow.

New babies, new adoptive children, or welcoming step children into the family, we celebrate them all!

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Renewal of Vows

Take your mind back to your wedding day, committing your love for each other in front of those closest to you.

Many things could have happened over those years which mean that you now wish to re-affirm that pledge you made, an opportunity for family and friends to witness your devotion and love for each other.

Celebrating a milestone like your 10th, 25th or 50th anniversary?  Whatever your reasons may be, a unique and personal ceremony will be written and conducted by Stefan to help you celebrate this special occasion.

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A funeral service is one of the hardest days anyone will ever have to arrange, getting the service right is so very important and remembering your loved one by bringing their story alive can make the occasion easier.

Those final words and memories shared is how you we remember those we say goodbye to. A funeral ceremony written and conducted by Stefan will be created with your loved one right at the centre of all thoughts.

A funeral can be traditional or a celebration of a life.  However you would like to mark the event, together we will work to get the right balance for you and a funeral service that is appropriate for all.

As an independent Celebrant I can work with any Funeral Directors and can be booked directly by you or through them.

You may have already held a funeral for your loved one and now wanting to hold a memorial or scattering of ashes ceremony. I can also write and conduct a service that allows a wonderful opportunity to share special memories again.

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