The Answers You Need

Can we meet before we decide to book?

I like to meet you soon after your initial enquiry to hear your ideas and requirements. This no-obligation meeting, in a quiet corner of a pub or coffee shop, enables you to decide if I’m the Celebrant for you before you make a booking. If because of distance we can’t meet in person, we’ll chat online instead.

How far are you willing to travel to assist with our ceremony?

I’m based near Arundel, West Sussex and I cover all areas of Sussex and Surrey. However, I’m willing to consider enquiries from further afield, although please note that travel expenses are charged at 45p mile for all but very local journeys.

Do you offer same-sex weddings?

Yes! I am proud to offer wedding ceremonies for any couple of any sexual preference or gender orientation and see no differentiation between the devotion a heterosexual couple, transgender or same-sex couple have for each other – love is love!

Where can I hold my Wedding Ceremony?

Anywhere you wish as long as you have the permission of the landowner or venue owner! Your venue does not need to be a licensed wedding venue as your ceremony is not legally binding, but you can also hold it in a venue which is also licensed for Civil Ceremonies.

Can I hold my ceremony outdoors?

Yes, outdoor weddings are so popular! How about by a lake, where a wedding proposal took place, in the forest, at a ruin, in a garden, on a rugby pitch, in a tepee, where you met, on the train… the options are endless! It’s wise to have a back-up plan for bad weather though!

When can I hold my ceremony?

That’s very flexible, according to my availability. I will officiate at your ceremony any month, day, and at any hour you choose. You may prefer a late afternoon ceremony which leads straight into evening celebrations, or why not at sunrise, or by candlelight or under the stars?

How long will my Wedding Ceremony last?

A typical ceremony usually lasts between 20 – 40 minutes, depending on how many readings and songs you include and whether you involve any symbolic elements like handfasting.

What should we wear for our ceremony?

Whatever you like! Most brides choose to wear a wedding dress for a wedding ceremony, but there’s certainly no rules. Whether you choose to wear something traditional, vintage or something more informal is up to you. Some couples go for a themed wedding – and why not?!

Will we be able to have a rehearsal before the ceremony?

I offer a dressed-down rehearsal with key participants, at the venue, usually the day before. The only extra charge for this is my return travel cost.

I want my ceremony to be different, alternative, elaborate, and/or quirky - is that OK?

Absolutely! It really is all about you and your preferred style as a couple! I’m very open-minded!

Does it matter what culture, faith or religion I am?

The ceremony isn’t restricted by any culture, faith or religion. Unlike a Registrar or Humanist wedding, with a Celebrant you can add religious songs or words if you wish.

Can I include readings and poems in my ceremony?

Of course. You can include as many readings as you wish – whether religious or secular, silly or sentimental. You can invite a guest or family member to read one for you, or write something personal. I have a large stock of suggestions if you need inspiration.

Can I include music and/or hymns?

You can include songs, music or hymns for before, during and after the ceremony and can choose to play these either on a PA system (which you’re responsible for organising with the venue) or have them performed by live musicians, arranged in advance.

Can I write my own wedding vows?

You can compose them or adapt ones found through research. Vows can be as sweet, silly or sentimental as you want. You’ll have email contact with me throughout the process for help if you need it and I have many vow examples to inspire you!